271113 Back in the USSR?

By November 27, 2013 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

271113_LRI thought this was a fitting end to the Big Adventure. It is cheaper to buy Russian (or matryoshka) dolls in Vienna than in Dnipro and it’s even cheaper to buy them on Amazon – although the prices quoted in Dnipro might have been the special tourist rate! I was surprised to see these in the Viennese souvenir shops nestling between the Big Wheel snow globes and the plastic Lippizaner ponies. I wonder if it is a taster for a new line of nesting Mozarts and Strausses – after all, a quick Google search shows a wide range of dolls and accessories: Guardsmen; the Simpsons; spacemen; policemen; Ninjas; Santa (especially for Twig); paint your own kits; key-rings and even plectrums – @Nick, that’s your Christmas present sorted:-)