231112 Minchinhampton Common

By November 23, 2012 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

Rather an uninteresting pic, I hear you say.  Well, it might be uninteresting, but it is relevant.  When I took Friday’s pic, I had something completely different for the Daily blog, but given some problematic internet access, I didn’t upload it.  So now – a few days later – I’m selecting my blog pix and realise that I took this because of the blue skies and sunshine.  Like the cows that grace Minchinhampton Common during the summer, I obviously had a premonition that the weather was about to change.  Or I might have just heard a forecast and decided that it couldn’t possibly be true.

Landscapes are not my forte – I think it’s because I’m never in the right place when the light is right.  I also agonise over whether there should be something in the foreground or not.  And on those rare occasions where I have been up early to catch that amazing light, the dawn process seems to be a transition from dark grey to lightgrey, so I suspect the perfect landscape will elude my portfolio for the foreseeable future.

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