221112 More urban space

By November 22, 2012 zBlog Archives

A trip to the City today and lots of architectural pix of places I used to know so well, but the office-buildings have gone, replaced by glass and steel shapes, the little shops have gone, replaced by Starbucks and the pubs are disappearing as All Bar Ones take their place.  It’s not all bad, though.  I’m glad the sandwich shop from beneath our old 1960s building is no more – it went through a nasty phase of being rat-infested and I still shudder at the memory of the last sandwich I had from there about ten mintes before it was temporarily closed by environmental officers.

Today’s feature is another ginormous reception area.  I’m just waiting for someone to sneak into one of these spaces and build a few “executive homes” while no-one’s looking.

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