271012 Wilcey’s birthday Celebration

By October 27, 2012 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

Today’s pic exemplifies the problem of having a blog – do you post the photograph or the snapshot?  I took a lovely pic of  a fluffy cow today – no idea what it was, but it is not a breed that we’ve seen around these parts before.  However, when I look back at this blog when I’m in my dotage, how much will I remember of the day, other than there were cows around, if the cow is my pic of the day?  But by posting the not very good snapshot of MisterMac pouring the Taittinger, it won’t take me many minutes to remember that it was Wilcey’s birthday dinner, and we followed the family ritual birthday pattern, which starts with Tatty.  We then had fajitas (because we always do), we drank copious quantities of Oyster Bay (because we always do) and we discussed the good, the  bad and the ugly of every prog rock band in the world until the small hours of the morning (because we always do).  And we had lots of fun.  As this is a public forum, I shall not divulge the contents of the discussion … but I was very grateful for that extra hour this morning;-)

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