E is for Eiffel Tower and Editing

By April 6, 2017Blog, Selected Posts

I wanted to continue to promote Remembrance of Things Passed, but struggling to do that with the letter E, although E is for Eggs and there are some eggs in the show, but it’s not my picture, so we’ll have to wait for ‘P is for Plagiarism’ for that one.

But whilst I was invigilating, I did a couple of hours of editing (thanks to quantum physics, I can be at #CampNaNoWriMo and the Magic Gallery at the same time).  Today’s editing involved a major rewrite of chapter four and a slight re-write of the Eiffel Tower scene, so there’s my E for the day.  ut I think I might need to return to Paris for a few days, just to double-check a few facts …