Nostalgic Object #4

By February 9, 2017Blog

I was flâneuring around the ‘burbs of Vienna, when I stumbled upon these furry dice and thought they deserved inclusion in the hall of nostalgia. Actually, I’m not sure if they really fit the nostalgia genre, since I think they might be making a comeback, but they connote nostalgia for me, and if they’d been dangling from the mirror of a Ford Capri, well, the memory would have been complete.

I’ve been rather lazy in the old blogosphere of late, since I’ve been playing away over on Instagram instead – and, as usual, arriving at the party rather later than everyone else. I’ve certainly missed the canapés, but the party is still in full swing. I love the power of the hashtag – a quick mention of something and suddenly, a famous photographer or opera singer or actor or author is ‘loving’ me (or at least my photo). No strings attached, we don’t have to see each other again and we can go our separate ways in the morning. What’s not to like?