130214 A philopatric dustbin

By February 13, 2014 zBlog Archives

130214_LRPhilopatric means: ‘Of an animal or species: tending to return to or remain near a particular site, esp. the place of origin’ (OED). It is normally used in zoological circles, but there were none of those in today’s orbit, so I offer a “philopatric” dustbin instead. I have used quotation marks as technically, it is probably not philopatric, since the chain suggests that it would wander if left to its own devices. The big question is whether it is male or female. If there are similarities between a dustbin and a prothonotary warbler, then the male is philopatric. However, if the dustbin has more in common with carchadrodon carcharias (great white shark), the boys go a-roving, whilst the girls are philopatric. I shall leave it to the reader to decide.

Day #44 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.