131213 A Palindromic Triskaidekaphobia

By December 13, 2013 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

131213_LRBut not for me, for I have found Jesus! Actually, that’s not quite true – Wilcey found Jesus for me. We were just looking in the charity shop window (I’ve become rather obsessed with charity shops since someone told me they bought an old M4 for less than £10 in their local one) and there he was. All swathed in swaddling clothes and then swathed in swaddling glass, tucked up between Santa and James Bond. I added the star in photoshop to give it more authenticity.  And why is he in a snowglobe? Did they have snow in Bethlehem at Christmas? And it’s not even a very good snowglobe, it looks more like Mystic Meg’s crystal ball. Come on Britain, is this really the best we can do on the nativity front?