081213 Bird watching

By December 8, 2013 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

081213_LR L1001708_LRTough choice today as I took loads of sparkly shots, such as these amazing shoes by Christian Louboutin, but it can’t really be my daily pic on two counts: 1) I do question whether something is Adventesque simply because it sparkles. 2) I feel a moral obligation to post something from the Twelve Days of Christmas. Let me explain … we had the London Region AGM today – swift and to the point (9 minutes) – with a Christmas photo shoot afterwards. Now when I set the challenge (pictures to populate the lyrics of the Twelve Days of Christmas), I sauntered around the chosen route and managed to find suitable objects for each line (ok, so only one Lord a’leaping, but with a bit of help from smoke, mirrors and photoshop he could soon multiply to eleven). However, I had not bargained on the crowds and getting anywhere near a shop window today involved an obstacle course over prams, pushchairs and tourists. I also feel I should apologise to the keen bird watchers amongst the membership as I now realise that the feathered creatures I had identified for the challenge were not very accurate. The white snowy doves are not turtle doves, calling birds are actually blackbirds and not the birds I’d found, which BTW are flamingoes and just because a bird picture has an inscription in French, it doesn’t mean that it’s a French hen (it needs blue feet for that) – and then to top it all, I’d found a lady dancing in one of the Harrods windows, but on closer inspection it was one of those very clever Poncelet style paintings and the lady was a reindeer. Sorry! But I hope you all enjoyed the challenge nonetheless! And thank you for your votes, let London year 2 commence!