021113 Tequila and Prog

By November 2, 2013 zBlog Archives

021113_LRAnd guess what sort of food we had for dinner tonight. Nick and Wilcey came over and we entertained Mr and Mrs K with fajitas, Sachertorte (not really a Mexican dish, but I understand that chocolate in a mole sauce is now very fashionable) tequila and prog rock – trips down memory lane, heated discussions about Bronski Beat (ok, that’s not prog, but it was one of my favourite bands) and snippets of proggy trivia. I say we entertained Mr and Mrs K, but the truth is that Mr K is a bit of a prestidigitator (have I spelled that correctly?) and he entertained us. The question we are still trying to answer is how he did it. Of particular note was when he asked me to cut a suit of cards and to keep cutting them in all sorts of ways and then he just pulled another suit out of his shirt pocket and the cards were in the same order as my shuffled suit. HTF does he do that?