030713 Bilingual

By July 3, 2013 zBlog Archives

030713_LRNo, not my favourite Pet Shop Boys Album, but rather a trip to Wales, where all the signs are in two languages. Well, nearly all the signs … one could be forgiven for thinking that the Welsh word for household is heroes, but apparently not. The Geiriadur Welsh-English online dictionary shows that household translates as tylwyth or tyaid. At this point, for the sake of completion, I was going to put the translation of heroes in as well, but there are no matches.  Before drawing the conclusion that Wales lacks heroes, I checked for a translation of  the singular noun and there are in fact five options for hero: arwr; gwron; rhychor; rhyswr and ceimiad.  I’m sure someone can explain the difference to me, but it looks as though Tesco decided not to investigate this one further.   And what was I doing in Tesco?  On arrival at the hotel, I realised that my suitcase was somewhere else. I was able to replace most of the contents at the 24 hour superstore, but unfortunately, the photographic section didn’t extend to a plate for a Manfrotto tripod.

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