180313 Chippenham

By June 18, 2013 zBlog Archives

180613_LRI’ve started a project entitled “Britain’s Worst Places” based on the book by Tim Moore. Anyone who has read Moore’s book will know that Chippenham doesn’t feature, so my question is “Should it?”. Ordinarily, I would have cropped this, but the barbed wire over the wall of the station car-park definitely has to stay, as I think this says a lot about the town (I can already feel another deluge of complaints similar to those seen after my “Swindon Roundabouts” comments). However, my real beef is the lack of “put down and pick up” or “20 minutes free parking” facilities at the station. £7.10 to park for a few minutes to collect someone is utterly outrageous … shame on you CPCC or whoever determines the parking policy.

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