190213 Shadows

By February 19, 2013 zBlog Archives

Spring continues with another sunny day – I think this low light (“low” as in the sun being low and casting long shadows, rather than “low” as in needing a high ISO) is my favourite light. This was taken through the window of what used to be the General Trading Company. It’s a shame that the three shops in a row there have all closed in the past few months and there seems to be no sign of new takers for them. I wonder if this is another case of expired leases and sudden increases in prices. This was always an odd trio – in the 20+ years that we’ve lived in the area, these particular premises have seen so many different businesses, but I don’t ever remember them all being empty at the same time. Maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye, such as a body having been discovered in the cellar (or maybe I just read too much fiction).

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