111212 What do you buy the girl that has everything?

By December 11, 2012 zBlog Archives

A bejewelled goat’s skull, that’s what!  Just flaneuring my way past Harrods when I did a double take at this extraordinary window display.  Now this is Harrods and so this ain’t going to be cheap,but what do you say when you open your Christmas stocking and find a goat’s skull in there?  “Thank you darling, just what I’ve always wanted and I must clear a space on the dressing table so that it can stare at me when I’m trying to get to sleeep.”  Or do you smile sweetly and send it to your brother as a punishment for that time when you were about 12 and you watched a Denis Wheatley film together and when you went to bed, he jumped out at you wearing an inside Afghan coat pretending to be the goat that was really the devil and scared you to the point where you couldn’t sleep that night?  Hmm, watch out Nick, if a parcel arrives that is kind of goat’s head shape, you know who it’s from!!

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