291112 Dickhead

By November 29, 2012 zBlog Archives

I have a lot of sympathies with people who can’t park because I am totally and utterly rubbish at it, as anyone who has been in the car with me will testify.  However, I have no sympathies with dickheads that park three feet away from the end of the bay – that is not a parking problem, but rather a stupidity problem.  I have spent most of the day on the M4 and as I arrived back in the borough tonight, I drove around looking for a parking space.  There are twice as many permits as there are residents’ parking slots, because RBKC have been gradually replacing residents’ bays with meter payment bays – as if we hadn’t noticed.  Anyway, this particular bay in today’s pic (another one for my Reflections  of Chelsea collection) should be able to hold three cars, but because the dickhead in the Aston Martin had decided not to park on the end, it meant that there was only space for two and no room left for me.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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