Passionate about photography (mainly that of other photographers) and addicted to photobooks. Most of my site is dedicated to things photographic, particularly from and around Vienna.  VEEP of the RPS, but all opinions are mine.  Once a year, I dabble in the field of novelling thanks to ‘winning’ NaNoWriMo in 2016 and 2017, so I do have a novelling page or two as well under The Phantom Pen.

Pic is me with Hanno Pöschl.

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One Week To Go

Only a week to go until ‘Surface Tension’ opens.  Full details on the Magic Gallery website.  It’s going to be a full on week rushing between Photo London and the Magic Gallery, but very exciting – dates with...

In Brief

We’re having a show …  Surface Tension May 16th to 19th at the Magic Gallery, Charing Cross.


Photo London – 17th – 20th May.  One of the highlights of London’s photographic calendar.


Elina Brotherus at the Kunsthaus in Vienna.  Fabulous.  Runs until 19th August.




Photobook of the week in 52 words

Associated Nostalgia

Nosalgia and kitsch – I love it.

Learn More


52 things to do in Vienna in 52 words

Böhmischer Prater

Menacing, decadent and tremendous fun.

Learn More



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