NaNoWriMo Day 23

We step away from the book for a moment to thank everyone who has made this trip so interesting and such fun. And special thanks to those whom I forced to eat cake just so that I could get a snap for my twitter and IG feeds … yes, #authorconfession not every picture of every cake that I have uploaded has actually been consumed by me.

I have a bulging bag of research notes about Vienna in that era, ranging from personal eye-witness accounts about living in the Russian quarter to how the opera house really worked, which trams my characters would have used, what they would have eaten and evidence that it wasn’t all ‘Strauss music, glamour and easy charm’. And nor was it all ‘Lipizzaner, Mozartkugeln oder Neutralität’. Life was actually very tough and I hope to reinforce this when I undertake the editing. So big thanks, big hugs and ‘prost’ – today’s track is dedicated to you.

Word count for day #23: 2,144; Cumulative word count: 45,257

NaNoWriMo Playlist – Track 23

Se al volto mai ti sento from La Clemenza di Tito by W A Mozart