F is for Flock Wallpaper (or is it Flocked?)

Last post about our show, I promise … at least for now.

We wanted to have some sort of ‘do’ to end the exhibition and the #obvs thing would have been an artists’ talk, but with six of us, that would have been rather too long.  Instead, I’m going to say a few words about the background to the show and reveal what really went on behind the flock wallpaper …14:00 on Saturday.

I’ve been learning a bit about this wallpaper process and it’s quite involved in terms of time and effort, but the mechanics are easily understood by anyone who has ever dabbed a bit of glue on a piece of paper and sprinkled it with glitter.  Thankfully, the flocking process seems to be less hit and miss than my glitter efforts. There’s a great You-Tube video  showing the process.  If you don’t have an interest in 1960’s wallpaper-making, then skip directly to minute 2 for the flocking.

Join us tomorrow at the Magic Gallery, Charing Cross Underpass, The Strand, London WC2N 4Hz