B is for Broadcast, the Beeb and Breakfast #AtoZChallenge

MisterMac was on the radio this morning, on the business bit of the Today programme, which is broadcast at 6.15 am.  It wasn’t pre-recorded and so the good old Beeb sent a car for him at 5.30. I too arose at 4.40 to show solidarity, although I didn’t go as far as cooking a full English before he left.  And talking of breakfast, there are a couple of breakfast related pix in our show Remembrance of Things Passed that opens tomorrow.

If you’re in London, do come along, it’s going to be fab!

Magic Gallery
Charing Cross Underpass (entrance from Strand between Starbucks and Paperchase)
The Strand

Vernissage 4h April 18:30 to 20:30

PS.  Tonight’s cocktail for #campnanowrimo is a bellini – must be made with white peach juice though, none of this nonsense with juice left over from tinned peaches!