By January 22, 2017 Blog

I did promise that January would be slightly ad hoc in the blogosphere because I’ve been über busy elsewhere, although I hadn’t intended to be quite this lax – tempus fugit and all that.  I’ve now found a theme that will keep me amused for a few blog posts this month – nostalgia.  And I have to thank Mark Colton for the inspiration.

Mr C shared an article on FB last week about nostalgia attaching to objects that those over a certain age will remember from their childhood homes.  For some of us, they’re not such a distant memory, but rather an integral part of our house furnishings; admittedly MisterMac and I don’t have one of those telephone table/seat things … yet.  Anyway, despite being an entertaining read, I did feel that there were some omissions, so between now and the end of the month, I shall add a few of my own objects that trigger a nostalgic response.

For the first day of the trip down Memory Lane, I offer the super power expander.  For the youngsters amongst you, this was the keep-fit predecessor to the gym.  I think the original go-to was Bullworker, although the brand debate is something of a side issue, as it is the product itself that carries the nostalgia.  I note that Bullworker stuff is still available on Amazon, but it doesn’t look anything like this and the picture of our body-builder is … err … somewhat different.