Oh, you are the victim of such a bitter, deadly deception

By December 5, 2016 Blog

Indeed, but that’s a story for the memoirs and to be honest, it’s not deadly.   And I don’t think it’s even bitter, just irritating and inconvenient.  The big question today, though, is: Caballe, Callas or Sutherland?  For me, there’s only one answer and that’s Joan Sutherland.  Track 5 on the opera playlist is Oh Di Qual Sei tu Vittima from Bellini’s Norma.  I could have chosen the more famous Casta Diva, but I’ve gone for the trio instead, which actually means three tracks, but I’m counting them as one.

Happy memories of seeing this live amongst the Roman remains in Trier.

It was a struggle to find a YT video for this – most of them have either been removed or are so ropey, they’re not worth listening to.  This one is OK, but it is the whole opera, so you need to play it between 1:15:10 and 1:20:19.  Better to get a CD, I feel, where the quality of sound will be so much better.

Oh Di Qual Sei tu Vittima from Norma by Vincenzo Bellini