The Age of Glass

By November 21, 2016 Blog, Prog, The Phantom Pen

Thanks to my good friend Dee, our heroine Madzi manages to find gainful employment.  Not giving too much of the game away at this stage, but it involves glassware, tableware and an oyster bar called Oberts, although it might not be its real name …

The picture is, I believe, one of those champagne glass contraptions and I used to have a hankering for one, thinking they were the height of sophistication and indulgence.  Whilst they may make an attractive adornment to any sideboard or table, they are not terribly useful when it comes to using them, as I found out when I borrowed one for a test-drive (not this rather elaborate one, I hasten to add, my loan champermobile was much more ordinaire).  First of all, you can only get a thimble full of fizz in each one before it starts to pour over the edge. Secondly, you #obvs can’t put them down on the table whilst you snaffle a peanut, twiglet or cheesy football.  Thirdly, if you misjudge the fulcrum or centre of gravity or whatever the right expression is, you just end up with bubbly all over the carpet, the table, your lap – in fact everywhere, except the glass.  No, my vote is still with the saucers as highlighted in an earlier blog piece.

The Age of Glass from 1997 Fears by Clepsydra

Link is to No Place for Flowers, since there is no You-Tube video for The Age of Glass. It is, however, still apposite as the contraption is no more suited to flowers than it is for champagne.

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