another rainy night

By November 27, 2016 Blog, Pictures, Prog, The Phantom Pen

Another rainy night … or at least, it looks as though it’s going to be. But it won’t be raining in my heart, as Budy Holly didn’t say, as I shall be amongst chums for the vernissage of Wir Sind Am Ziel. And the evening’s festivities are another reason for posting now, as this little old Macbook is playing up again and having done 26 consecutive blog posts in a row, I would hate to fall at the 27th (out of 30) hurdle because MacB decides to have another hissy fit.

It was such a beautiful morning when I set out, I was quite taken by surprise when the skies darkened and the icy drizzle started – the harbinger of cold weather for the next few days and the signal that it’s time to dig out the thermals. Anyway, I was just flaneuring around when the rain started and I ducked into the nearest café, which just happened to be Café Kafka. CK has been on my ‘to do’ list for ages, but I never seemed to be in the right area (although now I know where it is, I realise I’ve been within a whisker of it many times). It’s one of those wonderful old Viennese cafés where you can imagine the intellectual minds of the nineteenth century debating the affairs of the day. As far as my limited research tells me, there is no connection between Franz Kafka and Café Kafka, other than the name, #obvs, but perhaps someone will enlighten me at a future date.

I took advantage of the forced interlude to pen another few words, funnily enough, a scene in which our heroine seeks refuge in a café. Did I plan the scene or was it inspired by my seeking shelter from the mizzle?

And yes, metamorphosis would have been a good choice of song for today, but even by any definition, I don’t think we can say the Pet Shop Boys, fabulous and wonderful as they are, belong to the prog genre.

Another Rainy Night from Empire by Queensrÿche

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