Los Endos

By November 30, 2016 Blog, Prog, The Phantom Pen

It started with a cocktail at the Savoy and ended with one at the Sacher.  The Savoy definitley wins for body and flavour (@Sacher – champagne cocktails should not be shaken with ice) but the Sacher scores bonus points for the glace cherry, an ingredient that is all too often lacking in the postmodern world.   It has been an amazing journey that has taken me from present day London to Paris in the ‘70s and Vienna at the change of the century (the millennium change, that is, rather than the fin de siècle ‘coffeehouse literati’ of Arthur Schnitzler et al.) as well as some interesting places along the way.

Having been elated this morning when I uploaded my last few thousand words, I’m now feeling at a bit of a loss and missing my characters and my fictional world.  My pen is sitting on my desk looking forlorn and abandoned.  It is just itching to get going on the edit, but I think a few days, or even weeks (or as Stephen King suggests, three months) of normality are required before that happens.

Big thanks and hugs to all those who have made it possible, from help with technical details to offering to be a character – you are all in there somewhere and maybe a there are a few people I know who didn’t offer to be characters, but just somehow slid in there somehow along the way.





Los Endos from Trick of the Tail by Genesis

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