By November 12, 2016 Blog, Pictures, The Phantom Pen

I am a book junkie.  And the book-signings at PP tap into my weakness.  I buy more books than I can reasonably carry, dislocate my arms getting them back to the hotel, vow never to do it again and then, next time, do it all over again.  ‘I can resist everything except temptation’ as Oscar once said, and I know where he’s coming from (and where he is now actually; he’s playing Paris in Le Petit Palais).

Today was book day, which meant a visit to the Bateau Concorde Atlantique for the Polycopies book festival.  As the name suggests, the bateau is a boat.  It houses a veritable panoply of stalls selling books and zines; stalls manned by sirens that lure me towards them and feed my habit.

But as I’m shattered, still struggling with wi-fi and it looks as though WordPress has a few issues too, the details and pix of the signings are going to have to follow tomorrow.

Elsewhere, I’m nearly at 30,000 words, which is terrifically exciting and hardly believable.  And I found some snails ….

Snail from Missa Atropos by Gazpacho

NaBloPoMo November 2016