Small Talk

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Is it really only day 4 of the novelling adventure? I feel as though I’ve been in this novel for much longer, which, I suppose in my head, I have been. I’m slightly ahead of target as I sailed through the 7,000 mark today (7,093 words to be precise) and as promised, tonight’s blog is the sharing of the first paragraph (see below). And remember, this is an unedited first draft, so curb your critiquing until you’ve read a bit more:-)  The first chapter will be available to Phantom Pen subscribers on Sunday.  Not too late to sign up!

Today’s pic shows my workspace all set up for tomorrow, which could be a big day in NaNoLand. We’ve had emails today telling us that tomorrow is Double-Up Donation day, where we are encouraged to double our word-count. I’m going to have a go as I need to get a few extra words in the bag for next week, but a full-on weekend beckons, so no promises … although sleep is much over-rated …

The Novel

(working title Hot Stuff, but that is unlikely to be the title of the finished product)

Chapter One – The Life of Brian

‘For Life is quite absurd, And death’s the final word’  (Brian’s Song, Life of Brian)

When I meet someone and tell them my name is Jenny Roberts, they usually acknowledge me politely. They might even engage in small talk about the unseasonably-whatever-for-the-time-of-year weather or the tube strike or football or the price of fish. But if I tell them my real name, they are fleetingly speechless. They look at me wide-eyed and knowingly and say something like ‘Oh … gosh … I thought you were …. um … a man.’ And then they talk at length about Brian Edge as if he were a good mate. …

Small Talk from Calling All Stations by Genesis

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