Dear Someone

By November 18, 2016 Blog, The Phantom Pen

18th November 2016

Dear Someone,

My amazing, wonderful sister-in-law aka Wilcey is doing the most remarkable challenge to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support because, as she says, ‘Sometimes it’s time to say “Thanks”’. Next April, she’ll be walking coast-to-coast across Costa Rica, and she has come up with the most ingenious idea for fund-raising – pebble painting. She borrows pebbles from the beach, decorates them with the most awesome artwork, then puts them back on the beach with a message inviting people to take them home and to make a donation to her campaign. It’s been a super successful way of raising money, and just goes to show how the world is full of generous, kind people.

Always keen to jump on a bandwagon, if I see one passing, I’ve asked Wilcey to decorate some phantom pen(cil)s and she has!! So to obtain one of these fabulous, hand-decorated pencils – each one is unique – all you have to do is make a donation to Wilcey’s fund-raiser, and send me your address (via Facebook or email: del [at] thephantompen [dot] co [dot] uk) and we’ll pop one in the post to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Del x

PS.  The phantom pen has now penned more than 42,000 words.

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