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I’m a bit of a fan of Baked Alaska, in fact, after Artic Roll, it’s probably my favourite dessert. So it was with great glee that we booked a table at La Brasserie for the seventies night to celebrate its 44th birthday.  Not only was it a traverse through the gourmet delights of the era, but the prices were 1970s too (although I’m not sure Harvey Wallbangers were ever quite that expensive!).

We met up with a couple of chums that we hadn’t seen for nearly a year, and as we were all mates back in the day (ok, more 80s than 70s but who’s counting?) it was like the first dinner we ever had together.

The staff joined in with enthusiasm – the French waiters just waiting for that perfect excuse to dig out the old punk wig and appropriately sloganed T-shirts – apart from the maitre d’, who was his usual dapper self in bow tie and black suit, although I guess that’s what matire d’s of the 70s wore, so 10/10 for accuracy there.

Punk was certainly around in the second half of the decade, but I still associate the 1970s with glam rock, and as nobody last night was wearing platform boots with a sequinned jacket, I’ve had to scour the catalogue for something that is glamorous, albeit not completely glam in the rock sense of the word.  Slade, T Rex, David Bowie, Gary Glitter … oh, those were the days. #sigh  But this is thirty days of prog, as well as thirty days of blog and thirty days of novel, so I’ve chosen Alaska for today’s track.  And I make no apology for Pendragon dominating the playlist, but I do apologise for the quality of some of the videos.  As I’ve said before, best thing is to go and buy the album.

Alaska from The Jewel by Pendragon

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