Saevis tranquillis in undis

By November 7, 2016 Blog, The Phantom Pen

One of the interesting side observations about writing a novel is watching the adverts on Facebook and other websites adapt to my novelling-research surfing habits, which are now intense bursts of activity about the subject matter for the chapter in hand.  One of my characters is rich and titled, so I’ve been googling the sort of things rich and titled people do and buy, particularly luxury lingerie.  I’m delighted to say that I’m now getting notifications about champagne and caviar, which are so much more interesting than those for insurance, funeral plans and helplines.  But I understand that my ads are also driven by what my friends are searching online, so, dear friends, it’s time for you to ‘fess up.  Who amongst you is seeking revolutionary slippers? No matter what other adverts are appearing in my side-bar or as sponsored posts, the revolutionary slipper is a persistent offender.  Slippers are mentioned once and only once in the novel.  They are high-heeled fluffy mules in pink or black.  There is nothing revolutionary about them.  They are very 1970s.  I had no need to google them, since I am now prepared to admit, albeit somewhat shamefaced, that I once owned a pair.

I had a slight dilemma with this evening’s blog post.  You might have noticed that the title of each of my November posts is that of a prog song.  This is so that I can put together a celebratory playlist of happy-memory melodies once the challenge is over.  The obvious one, which I’ve used, is Saevis tranquillis in undis by Knight Area, but here’s the thing – undis is not Latin for undies, it does in fact translate as waves (dative and ablative plural for those that like the detail, dative here I believe, although the ablative use of tranquillis is interesting, giving the expression a slight twist on the more conventional calm in stormy waters, but then my Latin is extremely rusty, so I stand by to be corrected).  I then considered Marillion’s Pseudo Silk Kimono, but kimonos don’t feature in the book, at least not yet.  TBH, the most apposite song title is Lace and Leather, but that’s a Britney song.  So here’s the dilemma, do I allow Britney into the prog camp?  I have decided not to at this stage, but she may make a guest appearance at a future date.

And I suppose by mentioning the R. sl*pp*r in this post, the algorithm will assume that I’m interested in  …..  aaagh, there is no escape.

Update on #NaNoWriMo2016 – 20,845 words uploaded.  #overthemoon

 Saevis tranquillis in undis from The Sun Also Rises by Knight Area

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