Opera Fanatica

Today’s blog post is mainly about me … and Zeljko. We spent a most pleasant afternoon hanging Wir sind am Ziel at Zeljko’s restaurant-bar, Sixta (Schönbrunnerstr., 21, 1050 Wien).

Wir sind am Ziel is a series of images from around the Endstationen in Vienna. I chose the title from the robotic voice that advises us we are at our destination as the tram or tube approaches the final stop. In the great metaphor of life being a journey, it also acts as a reminder that all of these places are merely stopping points on our journey to our very final destination … I could waffle on for hours about metaphor, rhetoric and photography, but instead I shall invite you to come and see for yourselves.

The exhibition is open from tonight until Tuesday (closed on Monday) and the Vernissage is on Sunday, from 18:30 – hope you’ll pop by to say hallo and have a glass of Sekt!

Meanwhile, the novelling action is still based in Vienna as we build up to the grand finale. I’m scribbling away like crazy, but need to find some time to type it all up for uploading – I feel another early start tomorrow. I do find that being on location helps the writing vibe no end, when I need a description, I just go the place and write what I see. Sadly, La Traviata is sold out during the time I’m here, so I won’t get to experience the sadness first hand this weekend, but as I (mis)spent most of my student grant in the Staatsoper, I reckon I can write the performance part from memory. But then who needs stage drama when you can have it for real – or at least in the fictional word of real?

Opera Fanatica from Pepper’s Ghost by Arena

NaBloPoMo November 2016