Call To Arms

By November 5, 2016 Blog, The Phantom Pen

051116aToday was double-up day on NaNo. And I did it! I started the day with 7,093 words and finished with 16,641.   I am totally and utterly exhausted, I have dashed around Paris, fallen in love, eaten too many oysters, done a spot of shopping and have generally been thoroughly debauched … ok, I haven’t actually left the kitchen table, but my protagonist has done all the above and more (oh, so much more). #feelingsmug

The main character is based on a friend of ours. I thought it would be easier to ground the novel in reality, so that when I reached a crossroads, I could just imagine what my friend would do in this situation – or even phone her up and ask her, as she has entered into the spirit of the thing most gleefully. So here’s a picture of Bonzo, now a nonagenarian, but quite a gal in her day, as you will soon find out.

And a teaser from today’s phantom penmanship: ‘She was playing Mrs Waters to Dick’s Tom Jones, but she already knew she wanted the role of Sophia.’  *spoiler alert* … there is no incest in my version.

 Call to Arms from Beat the Drum by Pallas


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