Beaujolais Day

By November 17, 2016 Blog, The Phantom Pen

A few more words uploaded this morning and I earned my 40,000 word badge.  Only two more to go, the 50,000 ‘winner’ badge and the ‘wordcount uploaded thirty days in a row’ badge.  It is quite exhausting trying to fit novelling around normal life, but I’m also finding it exhilarating as it is such an exciting experience, and completely different to what I was expecting.  I take my hat off to my fellow NaNo writers, who have already completed the 50,000 words.  And I also congratulate and thank our regional MLs, who are not only writing a novel, but organising all the behind the scenes stuff to ensure that for the rest of us, the experience is a smooth one.

Hot Stuff moves through several decades, the few days in the 1970s are set in Paris, but the 1980s action takes place in November in London.  I therefore thought my protagonist would enjoy a Beaujolais Nouveau breakfast, as they were all the rage back then.  It appears that they are no longer fashionable and it was impossible to track one down.  However, Sir Newington came to my rescue.  It wasn’t quite the same without the eggs, bacon and sausage, but it probably tasted all the better for that.  I think sampling the new harvest late in the day, rather than 7.00 in the morning improved the experience greatly.  And the verdict from the wine expert that I am?  Tastes like every other Beaujolais Nouveau that I’ve ever tried.

Beaujolais Day from Clutching At Straws Marillion

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