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Fab evening at the Horse Hospital. Organized by Travis Elborough, starring Geoff Nicholson and friends.

As I embark on the great novelling escapade, I thought I would pick the brains of the novelists around the table for useful tips on writing.   Geoff’s advice was to just do it.  Just get up and start writing.  Nick Sweeney’s advice was to ensure high stock levels of coffee in the larder (ticked) and not to edit as you go but to save that for the revision phase.

Delighted that the advice wasn’t “Don’t” and relieved about the idea of not editing – it provides the excuse for churning out 50,000 words of nonsense without apology, just the promise of said nonsense being turned into silk purses at some indefinite time in the future.

PS.  @Geoff and Nick – soz about the pic, but the phone was set to ‘video’ not ‘photo’.  The good news is that I have some interesting courgette based conversation;-)