180612 Cocaine, Pants and Steradent

By February 18, 2016 Urban Ideologies, zBlog Archives

Oh this is sooo exciting! My first abandoned Viennese shopping list (and on orange paper!). It’s quite difficult to read, but it looks as though someone is having milk, iced tea, some sort of jelly maybe, chocolate, spring onions, and cocaine. Sounds like a party.

Although not today’s find, I include another shopping listone from a recent trip to Stroud (I found it in my bag when I ‘filed’ the Austrian list): Bananas, pants, quiche, salmon, bread, milk, faggots, tin rice pudding, Kit-Kat, Vanish (tin), toilet rolls, denture tablets (Steradent), casserole, fish cakes (small, salmon and chilli). (£20). Nothing particularly remarkable about the contents of this list (although it does tell us an awful lot about its owner and I don’t remember ever seeing pants in Waitrose), but what is interesting is that it is the first list I’ve seen where the items are crossed off.

I’m completely OCD when I go shopping. First of all, the list has to be written in the order that the goods are displayed in the shop and I freak out completely after a store refurbishment. Secondly, I have to cross each item off my list when it goes in the trolley. In three years of collecting abandoned shopping lists, I have never seen a list that is in either the right order or where the items have been struck through … until last week that is.   So two firsts on the shopping front!