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By November 1, 2015 zBlog Archives

BatwingsA busy weekend, getting organised for Capital Exposure Week and, particularly our Stuff exhibition, as well as squeezing in a Halloween shoot in the West End. Those ghouls and ghosts certainly know how to party. But judging by the look of our street this morning, it seems I didn’t need to go all the way to Soho – the bits of bat wing, bloodied clothing (fake, I hope) and empty vodka bottles suggest that there was plenty happening locally.

And rubbish stuff is exactly what I’m contributing to our exhibition.  It’s more of a sketchbook than a finished product as it comprises some notes, stuff and a few snaps  that have formed the starting point of my Circular Economy project.   As I’ve become more and more fascinated by rubbish, I’ve been devouring reading material on the subject (mainly on the Kindle, thus not contributing further to the environmental problems) and am both horrified and fascinated by the pamphlets and documents of various London councils on the subject.  Amidst the incredible waffle, elaboration of the obvious and the downright bonkers, nowhere have I actually read about two actions that might make a huge difference:

  1.  More litter bins – they are pitifully scarce in London, and who wants to put a soggy coffee cup in their Louis Vuitton?
  2. Where there are litter bins, write out the instructions properly.  Here are two typical examples of bins.  Can anyone even begin to guess what should and should not go in these bins?









A5-Mixed-Bag-Blurb-Flyer-FrontIf you’re in the Charing Cross area this week, come and visit us in the Magic Gallery (7 Underground Arcade, next door to Davenports Magic Shop).  Stuff is much more than an exhibition, or even an installation – it’sA5-Mixed-Bag-Blurb-Flyer-Front an interactive and evolving experience. I’ll be adding to my abandoned stuff throughout the week; all the rubbish that we generate will become part of the show, but don’t bring any with you – we have enough of our own!