130615 A Rafty Place

By June 13, 2015zBlog Archives

130615The weather is anything but rafty, but as the grounds of the former Gestapo HQ, this place was certainly rafty during a rafty time.  I was in a rush to catch the bus so had no time to investigate why this photo has been erected in Morzinplatz, but I suspect that it has some historical significance.  Had I been earlier and more alert, I would have realised that the building depicted is actually the building to the right of this scene and out of the frame, which has three nooses sculpted into the facade, so had I moved the the left, I could have snapped it overlapping the existing building. But that would have resulted in my missing the bus and then the plane, so I’m saving that for next time, along with the research as to why this is here.  I did google ‘photo’ + ‘Morzinplatz’  but after a  while, I tired of reading comments from American tourists about their holidays in Vienna.  


Day #164 of the second 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by the OED word of the day.