170515 Quizzing Glass

By May 17, 2015zBlog Archives

For 170515 I’m not quite old enough for a quizzing glass, but when I am, I shall acquire one. I’ve more or less mastered the Paddington Bear hard stare and a quizzing glass would serve to emphasise it rather well, I feel, since I still can’t raise one eyebrow without raising the other, despite years of trying. I did wonder if I might find a quizzing glass at Photographica, but although there were all sorts of optical excitements there, a QG was not to be found – or at least, not that I could see, but it was pretty packed with musty old togs looking for musty old bargains. I don’t actually like fairs where you have to haggle over prices because I’m not very good at it. My first attempt resulted in the stall-holder looking at me rather disdainfully and telling me that I needed deeper pockets to deal with him. I did end up buying a few books (from another stall), but managed to stop short of bidding for the library! I wonder if it comes with the building included …

Day #137 of the second 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by the OED word of the day.