260415 Proxime Accessit – or not

By April 26, 2015zBlog Archives

Proxime accessit” is an adjective meaning: ‘Judged to be next in merit to the actual winner of a prize, scholarship, etc. Also as n.: a person so judged; a runner-up. In extended use: a person who or thing which is nearly, but not quite, a success’, (OED). And I’m a bit off the mark here, but my mind was on new kitchens (which seem to cost more than my first house did) and continuing to unpack books, which resulted in two broken nails:-( So this school has been given an Ofsted rating of “outstanding” and being cynical about the use of language in education, I assumed that there had to be a superlative that would be better than “outstanding”, but apparently there isn’t, so this school isn’t really proxime accessit at all. And as my other pix from today are of a wisteria, a bright red Ferrari and a load of record shots of mixer taps with their extortionate price tags, I don’t have an alternative to submit.

I was also hoping to do something for World Pinhole Day, which is today, but for reasons already mentioned, that ain’t going to happen and I can’t even do a pinhole cheat as my pinhole lens is still to be unpacked, but here’s one from a few years ago. I don’t think I’ve got a book on pinhole photography, although a quick visit to Amazon shows there are plenty out there. However, I did find my copy of Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography (Martin Barnes) which is close.


Day #116 of the second 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.