240215 Hoghenhine

By February 24, 2015zBlog Archives

Glory, how is the OED selecting its word of the day at the moment? I don’t mind obscure, but some of them are proving to be quite impossible to depict. Today’s is a good example. A “hogenhine’ is “A person who has stayed in a household for three nights, and so becomes the legal responsibility of the host; a member of a household; a dependant’, (OED). The closest I could think of (apart from sourcing a pig, a chicken and a bottle of whisky) was to show the front door and the welcoming sight that awaits a potential hoghenhine. And actually, it doesn’t look that welcoming on account of the new policy of the managing agents whereby everyone has to have their front door painted the same colour, which, of course, is done by their contractors. I can only imagine that the contractor managed to find some bulk supplies of mustard-vomit hue going very cheaply. So whereas in the past, we have always enjoyed a rich royal blue front door, in the future, we are at the mercy of the Dulux odd-bin.

Day #55 of the second 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.