261214 Réchauffé Croissants

By December 26, 2014zBlog Archives

Today’s word is one for bubble & squeak fans, namely “réchauffé”, meaning: ‘Of food: reheated, heated or warmed up again; made from leftovers. Freq. fig.: reworked, rehashed; unoriginal, derivative. Also as a postmodifier, after French use’, (OED). As we were guests at yesterday’s feast, we had no leftovers to warm up, but I did re-work the dough into croissants for breakfast (where re-work means open the cardboard “tin” and fold the triangles into crescent shapes). They might be sold under the Knack & Back label, but I didn’t need the Doughboy logo to tell me K&B was a branch of Pillsbury – I was able to guess this by the near loss of a finger as the knife was inserted into the not-very-well-perforated cardboard, which triggered memories of similar “croissant-making” incidents years ago.

Day #360 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by the OED word of the day.