260714 Peely-wally legs

By July 26, 2014zBlog Archives

When I first met MisterMac (25 years ago!), my vocabulary increased as I acquired new words that are only used north of the border. One of these was “peely-wally”, so it was a real trip down memory lane to see that this was today’s word, which means ‘Pale; sickly; thin; feeble’ (OED). As I spent most of the day at an RPS Associateship advisory day (which, BTW, was great), I didn’t have much photo-time. However, I reckon the size zero mannequins on Oxford Street count as peely-wally. I am particularly antagonistic towards these shops as a result of a recent shopping experience, where seeing some gear I really wanted, I wandered in, and was approached by a rather snooty sales-person, whose first words were:”Italian extra large is not as big as UK extra large, so you will find nothing in your size here.” Clearly, tact and diplomacy were not on the syllabus at her place of learning.

Day #204 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.