010514 Onolatry

By May 1, 2014zBlog Archives

010514_LRFinding evidence of “onolatry” (‘Worship of the donkey or ass. Also in extended use: excessive admiration for or devotion to foolishness or a foolish thing’, OED.) was tough. I found a couple of possible contenders: a graffito that is too obscene to publish and actually had more to do with arse than ass; a window of a house decorated in such an interesting way, that if there are donkey worshippers in SW3, they must live here, but I don’t want a libel suit on my hands, so that one’s staying firmly on the hard-drive for now (the picture will emerge at some time, just not in connection with donkeys!) and a few casino shots, but that makes me sound rather prissy. So I’ve opted for this T-Shirt and the ‘forever young’ slogan. Our devotion to trying to remain young probably justifies an extended use of onolatry – particularly if anyone thinks the skinkling Union Jack vest will help them in this quest. Therefore, unless a donkey knocks on the front door in the next few hours, this is today’s pic.

Day #121 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.