300414 Moue of the Mercedes

By April 30, 2014zBlog Archives

300414_LROk, so a pouting girl would have been more apposite, but I just liked the idea that these Mercedes had reached this intimate state as a result of one of them making a ‘puckering moue’. “Moue” is the word of the day and it means ‘A pouting expression, often conveying (mock) annoyance or distaste, or used flirtatiously’ (OED) – definitely flirtatious in this case. And definitely annoyance (I suspect there will be no ‘mock’ involved) when the driver of the first car returns to the parking bay and discovers that he/she can’t get out. I admit I’m rubbish at parking and, on occasion, I’ve had to ask MisterMac to extricate the car for me, but I think even MM would struggle to get out of this one. It does explain, however, why our car has to have a new number plate every time it goes for an MOT.

Day #120 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.