200414 Pseudo-pysanka and a confession

By April 20, 2014zBlog Archives

200414_LRThe pseudo-psyanka is the egg-shaped thing at the back, for “psyanka” is the word of the day and it means ‘An intricately decorated Easter egg of a type traditionally made in Poland and Ukraine, produced by drawing a pattern on an egg with wax and then applying dye (which cannot penetrate the areas covered by wax), then repeating this process with successive layers of wax and colours of dye, so that once all the wax is removed a multicoloured design is revealed. Also (in pl. form): the craft of making such eggs’ (OED). I’m surprised we didn’t find any real pysankas today, as I would have thought there would have been at least one in a shop-window, but we didn’t. I’ve chosen this pic, not only for it being the closest thing to a pysanka that I could find, but because I have to confess I want one of those pink princess hares. On spying these, the long-suffering MisterMac started muttering about good taste (or lack of), kitsch and tackiness. I, on the other hand, looked at it longingly and wished I’d been given one for Easter. We see them in this shop every year and maybe one year MM will take the hint – or maybe I’ll just have to go and buy one for myself!

Day #110 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.