090414 Agnized by a blue plaque

By April 9, 2014zBlog Archives

090414_LRChelsea boasts any number of blue plaques, which was jolly handy for today’s word “agnize” (‘To recognise or acknowledge in some capacity’, OED). And I learned that there was a lot more than cabs to Joseph Aloysius Hansom. Anyway, as there’s not much more to say about Mr Hamnsom, I thought I would allow myself the indulgence of a triptych from this afternoon’s collection. Being somewhat obsessed with apostrophes, I am always curious as to why some streets have them and some don’t (in fact, we set this as one of last week’s Bleeding London suggestions). Well, this afternoon I found the appositely named Stewart[‘]s Grove (shame it’s not the same spelling) and it would appear that K&C can’t decide on apostrophes either. There were only three street signs in the Grove (where has the fourth one gone?). My analysis is that it started out apostropheless, as evidenced by the older sign on the wall, the residents/grammarians/punctuation police added an apostrophe with a black pen to the next sign and by the time we get to the end of the road, the council has given in and produced a new sign complete with apostrophe, as evidenced by the spacing between the “t” and the “s” in pic 3 when compared with pic 2. #BleedingLondon, #Stewart’s Grove, #SW7.

Day #99 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.