180314 Primerole – figuratively speaking

By March 18, 2014 zBlog Archives

180314_LRIt was like summer here today, but I can’t decide if this is so unseasonal, that I’m too early for primeroles (‘Any of several flowers of early spring, esp. the primrose (Primula vulgaris), the cowslip (P. veris), and the field daisy (Bellis perennis). Also fig.: a pretty young woman.’, OED) or so very unseasonal, that I’m too late. Either way, there wasn’t much going on in the blooming department, so I opted for the figurative interpretation.

While we’re on the subject of the OED, the March Qurterly was published today with the new additions to the dictionary. Oh my! There are four adjectives based on a four letter word beginning with c (I’m hoping that’s not tomorrow’s word of the day), TPing (covering something with toilet paper), herogram, and a whole host of others, which I’m not repeating here, since I haven’t had time to look them up and I might be on dodgy ground.

Day #77 of a 365 project, where the daily pic is informed by theĀ OED word of the day.