241213 Santa beats Jesus in the advent stakes

By December 24, 2013 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

241213_LR … and it wasn’t even close. The 2013 Advent Calendar draws to a close with Santa amongst the dustbins. My quest to record how Christmas is represented has been an interesting journey, albeit painful at times. From the Christmas pudding nipple-tassles to the miniature Nativity scene carved out of a coconut, it has been fascinating to see the many different meanings of and the variety of things associated with Christmas. With the results now in, there is no question that Santa has beaten Jesus and by a lot more than a (red) nose. I’ve opened the book for next year and, on current form, I’m offering the shortest odds on sparkly, glittering reindeer. For those of you who like an outsider, I suggest you back the three wise men.