101213 Looking For Jesus

By December 10, 2013 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

101213_LRIn my quest for pix for the Advent Calendar, I am becoming something of an expert on the meaning of Christmas. Way out in the lead is Santa, the reindeer are in second place with indeterminate fluffy creatures taking third place. In addition to the above, today’s bag netted Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowballs, mice, donkeys, monkeys and elephants (all wearing Santa hats), a few fairies and a real French hen (well, the big blue cockerel in Trafalgar Square, but at least it has blue feet and the artist is French). However, there seems to be something missing … I haven’t seen a baby Jesus this year. The closest I’ve seen is a knitted wise man clutching heaven knows what and a bit of lens flare on the backdrop in the window of Chanel, which I think is supposed to be the star of Bethlehem. Is the nativity scene no longer part of Christmas?