061213 Biatchitude

By December 6, 2013 Uncategorized, zBlog Archives

061213_LRBiatchitude – displaying behaviour and attitude typical of a biatch’ – this is definitely my word of the year … or is it? I’ve just discovered biatchitudestein, which is ‘the constant state of having a full blown biatchitude’; hmmmm, tough one. But before getting too carried away with the derivational morphology of biatch, I should hasten to point out that biatchaman means ‘a person that enjoys to be pleasured by small farm animals such as piglets, geese and chickens’ and so is unlikely to feature on my wordlist for 2014. Anyway, I digress … we had a great shoot this evening (RPS London and the Chelsea Society) during which I found this very strong contender for the Christmas competition in a little shop on the King’s Road. I must admit, that I wouldn’t mind the leopard hat – it looks very warm and snuggly.