210413 Jak’s?

By April 21, 2013 zBlog Archives

Whenever I go away, I notice when I get home that another shop or restaurant is being renovated only to re-open as something different. Parking suspended, wooden surrounds encroaching on the road causing traffic chaos and all that stuff being thrown away – oh if only the borough allowed skips, we could refurbish the flat every week. The terrible thing is that despite passing them almost everyday, the minute the refurbishment starts, I can’t remember what used to be there. So I have decided to record the street where we live and this is the first contribution, as I think it will be the next property to change hands. The Christmas decor is a bit of a giveaway as to when it was last functioning as a restaurant at this location, but it has moved into premises further down the street that housed a very famous Italian restaurant many years ago when MisterMac and I first moved here – it was so famous that neither of us can remember the name of it!

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